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Our patent pending process brings buyers, sellers and experts together when making a brand name purchase. Authenticate Pro's system helps minimize the chance of buying or selling a counterfeit.

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In God we trust Everything else we Authenticate

Real Or Not by AuthenticatePro provides a simple and unique authentication process to provide the peace of mind for buyers and to enable sellers to differentiate themselves in the e-commerce brick and mortar retail marketplace. The counterfeit industry is estimated to be $1.7 Trillion as of 2017 and is expected to reach $2.8 Trillion by 2022.

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Download the App

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Upload Pictures

Take good and clear pictures and upload.



An approved brand expert gives a "pre-authentication" that the item is Real or Not.


Voting and Results

Friends and other Experts vote on whether the item is Real or Not. See voting results in real-time.



Authenticate Pro Admin makes a conclusion regarding whether the item is real or not.

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Our Mission

Our purpose at Authenticate is to help you to buy original products with peace of mind and to maximize your money with integrity. We want you to know that the products you purchase on line or in the store are authentic and real. That is our core value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a globally successful company, trusted as the leading company in authenticating brands on the Internet and brick and mortar space. No one deserves to receive a fake product thinking it is original; our team will continue to work and grow to keep the Internet market space authenticated.

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Why Choose Authenticate Pro?


Safe & Fast


Expertise & Qualification


99% Accuracy


Cost Effective

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How many times a week does your customer ask or think,

“Is this real?”

The problem is other sellers drag good sellers down with them. When the customer has a bad experience with a bad seller, they assume all sellers are the same. Which affects your bottom line.

We have a solution – Solving your counterfeit merchandise problem!

As an approved Authenticate Pro member, you will receive these benefits.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know us closer


Ray Salem, M.A.



Steve Aycock, J.D.

Co-Founder/Patent Attorney


Sunil Kumar, M.B.A

Technology Manager & Team Member


Jami Potter

Co-Founder/Expert Manager


Joe Shepherd

Chief Technology Officer


See what our client are saying...

Clothes Mentor

We love being able to offer AP as a value add service. It gives our customers the utmost confidence when purchasing high dollar authentic brand name goods which in return has helped increase our sales. If you want to set yourself apart from other high-end luxury products sellers in the industry, we highly recommend AP.

Adriana B.

One main reason why I do not online shop is the fear of not getting what I expect. With I am excited to say I will feel safe to I will now feel that I KNOW what Im expecting is Authentic

Rod M.

Hey Ray, it's about time somebody is finally fixing this problem... excellent job !!!

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